Organised Club Sailing Groups


Novice & Casual Dinghy Informal Sailing

For novice and experienced sailors to sail more regularly and to meet with other members on Saturday afternoons between May and November. 

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Pay & Play

Relaxed coaching on Tuesday evenings between April and September from 6 pm & 8 pm for adults and families with RYA Level 2.

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Oxford Pirates

The Oxford Pirates, our youth sailing club, meet every Tuesday between April to September from 5.30 pm and 8.00 pm.

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Novice & Casual Dinghy Racing

Short races aimed at sailors with less experience and those who prefer a more casual approach to sailing. Families are encouraged to attend and all are welcome.

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Dinghy Fleet Racing

Separate starts for Asymmetric, Fast, Laser and Slow fleets.

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OSC Windsurfing

This section is thriving at the club with something for members of all ages and levels of experience.

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Oxford Zoomers: Team 15 Race Training (Age 16 and under)

Registration starts for 17.30 and all juniors should be fully rigged by 18.00 to be able to get on the water after a briefing.

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Oxford Sailability runs from April to October each year on a Tuesday evening. It starts at about 5pm and finishes half an hour before sunset.

A small group of volunteers run it and sailors with all disabilities are welcome to come along and try it, it doesnt matter if you have years of sailing experience or none at all.

For more information please go to the Oxford Sailabilty page

Open Race and Training Events

OSC runs open sailing events for various fleets and class associations, including the Oxford Blue event which attracts up to 150 dinghies.   Other weekend activities at Farmoor include events arranged by the RYA and OSC affiliated organisations such as Sailability, University of Oxford Sailing Club and the RAF Sailing Club.

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